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Tony believes we must act to lower the cost of prescription drugs and that everyone deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Everyone deserves access to quality, affordable health care. In the last two years, I secured $6.5 million in funding for our public health departments and clinics across Nebraska. And I have been so proud to fight, and vote, to expand Medicaid in Nebraska. Now nearly 100,000 more Nebraskans have access to affordable healthcare and will be able to see a doctor when they need it, and we were able to keep more rural hospitals open.

But there’s more work to do on this issue. Health care and prescription drugs are still too expensive. We need to ensure that no matter where you live, you have access to quality, affordable care.

It's time to create a public option that will allow Nebraskans of any age to buy into a Medicare-like health care plan at an affordable rate. More competition will drive down the cost for everyone, while preserving the option of private insurance will let Nebraskans who like their current plan keep it.

We also need to crack down on the prescription drug industry so pharmaceutical companies can no longer get away with jacking up prices on life saving medication and Nebraskans no longer have to choose between obtaining the medication they need or paying their bills. Medicare, like the VA or private insurance companies, should be able to negotiate the price they pay pharmaceutical companies for drugs, and we need to extend the savings negotiated to all Nebraskans. It is also critical to bring generic drugs to market sooner to lower costs and increase competition.