BBC: Tony Vargas in Nebraska -The human cost of political inaction on COVID

Press   Posted by Tony Vargas · October 02, 2020

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"One-hundred and fifty-thousand lives have been lost to this because there's still people who believe that this is a level of collateral damage that is okay. And unfortunately it takes, from some of these individuals, their own loved one to get hurt, or to fall ill or to die. And it should never be that way. You know?" Vargas said. "Anyway, that's just been like one of the hardest reflections from today."

Then he went into his office and sent his legislative aide home. For the next several hours, he sat alone. He ate his cold lunch. He slowly packed up his things and sealed the office. It was well after dark when he finally walked down the marble hallways and out the door, the last person to leave the shining state capitol building.

And with that, the 106th session of the Nebraska legislature - for Senator Vargas - came to a close.

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