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Days after Uvalde shooting, Bacon takes more money from NRA, then votes against bipartisan gun safety bill opposed by the Gun Lobby

Posted by Tony Vargas · July 19, 2022

Omaha, Neb. – Recently published second quarter FEC reports show Rep. Don Bacon accepted a nearly $5,000 contribution from the National Rifle Association on May 31, just days after the tragic mass shooting in Uvalde, Tex. That contribution, which brought Bacon’s career total funding from the NRA to $15,400, came while Republicans and Democrats were in the midst of negotiating a landmark gun safety agreement that both parties could support and would save lives.

Then just two weeks after taking the NRA’s money, Bacon voted against that common sense, bipartisan gun reform bill that nearly 30 Congressional Republicans supported.

Vargas released the following statement in response:

“Accepting another payoff by the NRA just days after another mass shooting, this time in a school where 19 children were murdered, shows just how out of touch and calloused Don Bacon is. It’s past time that we pass more common sense gun laws to keep our communities safe and prevent these senseless tragedies, but Bacon only answers to the NRA.”

Recently published second quarter FEC reports show stark differences in fundraising between incumbent Rep. Don Bacon and challenger, State Senator Tony Vargas, whose strength continues to grow.

Bacon, who as the incumbent in this race, should have an advantage in fundraising, was outraised by nearly $150,000. Also important is the difference in donor bases – Vargas’s grassroots support from Nebraskans far outpaces Bacon’s, whose money is mostly from special interest PACs and lobbyists.


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