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Elect Educators Everywhere Endorses Senator Tony Vargas

Posted by Tony Vargas · April 28, 2022

Omaha, Neb. – Today, Elect Educators Everywhere (EEE) announced their endorsement of State Senator Tony Vargas in his bid to represent Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.

Elect Educators Everywhere is a nationwide network of educators, parents, students, and Americans who support public education and respect the service of educators. EEE is committed to increasing the number of teachers and experienced education professionals in public office, because educators put students’ needs first and know what schools need to thrive. So far this election cycle, 69% of EEE’s endorsed candidates have won their elections.

Senator Tony Vargas began his career as a public school science teacher, receiving “Most Outstanding Teacher” and “Teacher of the Year” awards. He left the classroom to train other STEM teachers and work in the non-profit and education sectors, and have a greater impact on striving to improve the quality of life and educational opportunities for thousands of children across the United States.

Vargas was appointed to serve on the Omaha Public Schools Board in 2013 and then ran successfully for a seat in the Nebraska Legislature in 2016, where he has worked alongside teachers, students, and families to improve and expand educational opportunities for all Nebraskans.

“I have spent most of my career dedicated to improving educational outcomes for kids, so this endorsement from Elect Educators Everywhere is very meaningful,” said State Senator Tony Vargas. “When I became a teacher, I quickly realized the connection between the opportunities for the kids I was teaching, who were just like me, and the policy choices our elected officials were making. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to drive change and improve the circumstances for Nebraska children and I will continue to passionately lead on these issues in Congress.”

“Congress desperately needs more leaders who know first hand how to partner with parents, support educators, and put the needs of students first. Tony’s proven to be that leader on the school board and in the legislature, and the parents and educators of EEE are committed to helping him win this election and continue his service,” said Pete Hackeman, EEE Executive Director.

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