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NE-2 candidate Sen. Tony Vargas challenges Bacon on Child Tax Credit vote

Press Release   Posted by Tony Vargas · July 15, 2021

Beginning today, roughly 36 million American families will start receiving monthly checks of up to $300 per child as part of the temporary expansion of the Child Tax Credit passed by Congress this past March. The expanded credit will provide an investment of up to $3,600 in total per child (an increase from $2,000), with half that amount advanced in monthly installments from July through December. The critical measure will provide a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans to pay for child care so they can return to work or get by on everyday expenses as they recover from the pandemic, and is part of an overall plan forecast to cut child poverty rates in half.

The measure was opposed by Rep. Don Bacon, who voted against its passage and against investing thousands of dollars that would benefit 154,200 Nebraska children.

“Working families are really struggling and it’s disappointing that our current Congressman chose not to support them through these hard times with this temporary and common sense approach. While Don Bacon was in Washington voting against this tax credit that will be a lifeline to working parents, I was here in Nebraska voting for emergency aid, securing additional funds for public health, and raising private dollars to distribute to families in need. That’s the type of Congressman I’ll be as well,” Vargas said.

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