Omaha World-Herald endorses Senator Tony Vargas

Posted by Tony Vargas · October 10, 2020

Read the full endorsement from the Omaha World-Herald here >>>

» Sen. Tony Vargas, District 7. Vargas has dived energetically into working on issues that directly impact his South Omaha district. He has been a leader in helping the Legislature understand issues of social justice. In the wake of the COVID crisis, he has been in the forefront of highlighting the need for action to provide adequate health protections for Nebraska packing plant workers.

In studying issues, Vargas looks to the big picture. He has been a key member of the Legislature’s Planning Committee, which analyzes long-term Nebraska trends and needs and develops strategies to address them. He is an astute observer of the Legislature’s dynamics and has helped the legislative process by being a bridge-builder among his colleagues.

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