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How to make Washington work for Nebraska again

Posted by Tony Vargas · October 19, 2022

It’s time to set a new tone in politics. We can fight for what’s right, for policies that help people, and do it in a way that aligns with our values and still allows us to hold our heads up high. Leaders have lost sight of finding common ground, even when we don’t agree, to get things done for our constituents. That’s what I look forward to doing in Congress.

My parents immigrated to the United States from Peru, working two or more jobs for most of their lives, in order to give me and my brothers opportunities that they never had. They came in search of the American Dream. That's why I’ve worked hard every day to make sure that people can have access to the same opportunities my parents gave me. I’ve learned that elevating community voices and holding a people-first perspective while working across the aisle is the best way to inform policy and pass reforms that put Nebraskans first.

I believe it’s incredibly important that elected leaders take every step to bring our politics back to what it should be - in service to the people, not special interests. A major part of accomplishing this is overhauling voting and campaign finance laws to even the playing field and make government more transparent to voters. Voters deserve to know exactly who is behind the candidates and causes that are on the ballot.

As the next representative of Nebraska’s Second Congressional District, I will work across the aisle to:

Thank you for taking the time to read my plan. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my team at info@vargasfornebraska.com.

- Tony


Our freedom to vote is what makes our democracy the best in the world. Politicians should not be trying to put artificial barriers between eligible voters and the ballot. When they do that, it is an attack on our democracy, belittling what it means to have the freedom to vote. We have to protect every eligible voter's ability to cast their ballot, while keeping our elections secure. We can do both of these things without disenfranchising voters. Tony has been, and will continue to be, strongly opposed to creating barriers for voters to cast legal ballots, which further marginalize our most vulnerable communities.

When Tony first ran for the Legislature in 2016, it wasn’t just about winning – he also wanted to improve the civic health of his community, which had some of the lowest voter turnout in the state. Then and now, our team is focused on registering new voters and talking to voters who haven't been engaged in previous elections. Throughout Tony’s time in office, he has frequently held town halls where local businesses, nonprofits, and elected leaders were brought together to engage with constituents to discuss the work they were doing, answer questions, and hear concerns.

In the Legislature, Tony introduced and supported legislation to make early voting more accessible and to make voter registration easier and more simple.

In Congress:


Across our country, elected officials take part in the redistricting process. This opens up this important, once-in-a-decade process to gerrymandering, by allowing politicians to draw and approve their own maps and ultimately, choose their own voters.

We can ensure all communities are fully and fairly represented by removing politicians from the process and supporting the creation of an independent, nonpartisan redistricting commission.

In Congress, Tony will support national redistricting reform, encouraging states to appoint an independent, nonpartisan commission.


During a time where the public’s trust in the government is decreasing, Tony will work to increase transparency in our government. It is incredibly important that elected leaders take every step to bring our politics back to what it should be -- in service to the people, not special interests. Individuals, nonprofit organizations, and businesses should be adequately informed of the process each branch of government uses to implement legislation and should have the opportunity to collaboratively participate in that process. Information related to law and policy should be freely available to the public in forms they are able to access and utilize.

In Congress:


Members of Congress are generally privy to information before that information is released to the public. Because of this conflict of interest, Tony supports the elimination of holding and trading stocks by members of Congress while in office. The elimination of holding and trading stocks would not only increase transparency, but would prevent members of Congress from using privileged information to line their pockets.

In Congress:

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