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Sen. Tony Vargas Launches Campaign for Congress in Nebraska’s Second District

Press Release   Posted by Tony Vargas · July 13, 2021

Long time public servant Senator Tony Vargas launched his campaign for congress in Nebraska’s Second Congressional District today. Vargas, a former public school teacher and current member of the Nebraska Legislature, spent his career fighting for all Nebraskans to have access to opportunity and a quality public education. He’s now taking that same fight to Congress.

“I’ve worked hard every day to make sure that people can have access to the same opportunities my parents gave me. And that’s why I’m running for Congress. Nebraskans deserve affordable, quality health care. They deserve jobs with living wages that support a family and allow each generation to have a little bit more. And they deserve a world-class education no matter where they’re born, because as my family can attest firsthand: education is the key to improving your life.

“It’s time to set a new tone in our politics. We can fight for what’s right – for policies that help people – and do it in a way that aligns with our values and still allows us to hold our heads up high. It’s what I’ve done my entire career, finding common ground even when we don’t agree to get things done for Nebraskans. And it’s what I look forward to doing in Congress,” said Vargas.

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