Tony Talks with Maria Corpuz about getting involved in our community

Tony Talks   Posted by Tony Vargas · October 06, 2020

On this week’s edition of Tony Talks, I was joined by Maria Corpuz, the host of Nite Caps, a community held talk show. We talked about the importance of civic engagement and civil conversation.

You can watch the full talk on Facebook, here.

Here are some key takeaways —

  1. The focus of Nite Caps has always been to lift voices that are often not heard. Maria invites people who may be working behind the scenes and whose work is not often highlighted. Every episode is accompanied by an artist performing their art of choice.
  2. The most important element of the show is to educate and advocate for healthy civic engagement in our community. We spoke about different ways to become more involved and informed, including:

    - Volunteering to get out the vote with a nonpartisan organization
    - Volunteering to canvass for a candidate
    - Donating money to causes and candidates you align with
    - Attending events that double as fun and informative
    - Sharing your story and art to provide different perspectives.

Nite Caps is currently virtual during the pandemic and you can watch live at twitch.tv/OutrSpaces and follow their Instagram @nitecaps.

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