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Vargas Launches Ad Campaign

Posted by Tony Vargas · March 31, 2022

Omaha, Neb. – The Tony Vargas for Congress campaign announced today the launch of a robust, district-wide paid advertising campaign in support of Tony’s candidacy for Congress.

Anchoring the ad campaign is Tony’s first :30 ad, “Only Here,” which beginning today will run on broadcast television, cable, streaming, and digital platforms. The ad pays homage to Tony’s parents, immigrants who sacrificed and worked hard to give Tony and his brothers a better life which allowed him to become a public school science teacher and ultimately be elected to the Nebraska Legislature.

As Senator, Tony has fought to expand affordable health care to thousands of Nebraskans and work across the aisle to increase funding for public health departments. In Congress, he’s ready to do more: improve health care delivery and lower the cost of prescription drugs.

In addition to the television ad, the campaign will be communicating with voters on numerous online platforms with :30, :15, and :06 second and display ads, as well as in the mail throughout the course of the Primary Election. The campaign will also be communicating with Spanish speaking voters online, in the mailbox, and on the radio.

“Today we launch our first ads, the next step in our campaign to finally give the working families of Nebraska’s Second District the representation they deserve,” Vargas said. “Nebraskans are struggling with rising costs, and they’re telling me they are ready for strong, principled leadership that fights for them and their pocketbooks. In Congress, I’ll work as hard as you do to lower costs and make health care and prescription drugs more affordable.”

Watch the ad here: https://youtu.be/Sqzaeg20d8g

“Only Here” Transcript:

Tony Vargas:

It’s something that can only happen in America.

My parents came here with next to nothing.

And a generation later…I became a science teacher, and was elected state senator.

There’s no way I’d waste this chance.

I fought to expand affordable health care and to increase funding for public health.

And I’m ready to do more in Congress.

Health care that works for you… Prescriptions you can afford…

If Washington worked half as hard as you…imagine what we’d accomplish.

I’m Tony Vargas, and I approve this message.

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